A Cute Little Finish

A Cute Little Finish

These Mary and Co. cherries were a quick stitch which is good because this week has been crazy. I think I will add a little ribbon to this card before it is truly complete.
Check out my WIP page. We are expecting a big storm on Friday and I just found a bunch more projects that I started and obviously forgot about. Guess I will be working on these until I get the fabric for my lighthouse.


3 thoughts on “A Cute Little Finish

  1. Ginny says:

    What an adorable card. I have not stitched cards before. I should give it a try. The cherries are really sweet.

    • flmaryg says:

      I do a lot of little cross stitch designs for cards. I hate spending $4-5 for a card. I’d rather raid my stash and give a homemade one. 😀 They are usually the right size to stick in a frame afterward too. (like a second little gift!)

  2. typenstitch says:

    Such a cute card! I have never made a card. I should try that some day. It would be so much nicer than buying a card the person will throw away anyhow. I looked at your WIP page. The sleeping angel is so cute! I also have Holiday Cheer in my WIP list but barely started on it.

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