Elmo is complete!

Well, my little Elmo is complete.  Yay!  He was fun to stitch on, especially for a project I don’t even remember starting.  I’d estimate he is anywhere from 6-10 years old. I put him in the frame that came with the kit for now.  I think when it comes time to give this gift, I’ll give him a real frame though.


On a happy note, I received the fabric that I have been waiting for today.  What perfect timing!  I will get started on my lighthouse project tomorrow.  I just hope I don’t get distracted when my splurge charts get here next week.  😉




4 thoughts on “Elmo is complete!

  1. Eresin says:

    he look fab and it was certainly good timing for your fabric arriving!

  2. Ginny says:

    Aw, Elmo turned out adorable. He looks so cute in the red frame. I love your new fabric! I have a full cart at Stoney Creek and may have to add that to it before I finally decide to check out.

  3. typenstitch says:

    Elmo looks fantastic! He’ll make everyone smile. Beautiful new fabric for you to stitch on!

  4. Faye Morris says:

    I don’t know, Elmo looks pretty cool in the red frame.

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