I think I have the stitcher’s version of ADD

I started on my lighthouse and have made some progress.Image

Then my new patterns came from 123 stitch and I just had to start this pattern.  Oh well, I guess I can work on both at once.  🙂  Here is the progress on Let there be peace.  It should be a quick stitch.  I am really liking this one.Image



3 thoughts on “I think I have the stitcher’s version of ADD

  1. I live next to a lighthouse 🙂 I’m not surprised you started the new one. I can’t buy anything new until I finish a project because I’d have several on the go at once too 😆 Avis x

  2. Ginny says:

    You are too funny! I guess I am fighting my stitching ADD. I am stitching on Emerald Mermaid, and I have almost everything to start Roses of Provence and it keeps calling to me, but I just can’t put Emerald down. She is coming along so nicely. I have a feeling that I may be pulling threads and winding on bobbins to start ROP. Your lighthouse is looking great. And I am just loving your new snowman piece. So cute and you have stitched quite a bit on it already.

  3. typenstitch says:

    What a great start on your Snowmen! It looks like you’ll finish this one before getting back to the lighthouse.

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