My lighthouse is coming along great. I made some good progress this weekend. I started working on the saying because I hate leaving all the backstitching until the end. I have been avoiding the lightkeeper’s house since I had to rip it all out once already. Pretty soon that will be the only thing left though!

Here is an update on my Happy Holidays. I think I may go back to this one once the lighthouse is finished. It has been neglected too long. 😦



4 thoughts on “

  1. Good work! I like trying to do the backstitch on the way too. That way it doesn’t feel like you have to start all over.

  2. They are both beautifuI! I like to leave all the backstitch until the end and then it all comes to life together. We all have our different ways 😀 Avis x

  3. Sue Pollock says:

    They are wonderful! Happy Holidays looks like such a fun stitch but I have to admit, the Lighthouse is my favorite! I love watching that one come to life!

  4. Great WIP’s. It’s nice to have something to go back to that is already in progress.

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