Finished with the stitching, onto framing!

Image Image

I sure wish my photography skills were as good as my stitching skills!  oh well, I have finished my stoney creek lighthouse and it is even a week before I hoped to finish.  Go Me!  If I haven’t said this before, my mother in law saw this design and fell in love.  It is not something I would ever pick to stitch for myself, yet I really enjoyed this project and I love the cloud aida cloth that I stittched it on.  We’ll see what I have in my stash to work on next…


2 thoughts on “Finished with the stitching, onto framing!

  1. Ginny says:

    It looks fabulous! Your Mother in Law is going to love it. The cloud fabric was a perfect choice for this stitch. Great Job! Can’t wait to see what you are stitching next.

  2. melissa cook says:

    It looks great. I hope your MiL loves it

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