Back to the WIPs

I was away on a mini vacation this weekend, just me and the hubby.  First time in about 10 years.  Yes!  I didn’t stitch at all but I did visit a LNS and picked up a couple patterns to add to the stash.  🙂

Anyway, I have started working on 2 WIPs (Happy Holidays and the Solar System) while I wait for my order to come from Stoney Creek.  I got a gift certificate for my upcoming birthday and already spent it.


I am completely done with four letters, only 9 more to go!  I am enjoying coming back to this one.  Let’s see how much I can get finished before my order arrives and distracts me.


Mercury is completed.  I got a small start on Venus and put in a few more stitches on the sun.  I usually stitch at night which is so hard on dark fabric.  I think the solar system might only get attention on the weekends when I actually get time to do some daytime stitching.  Just a few more weeks of spring sports.  We have pared down greatly on the summer sports, so I might actually get some at home, family time soon.




2 thoughts on “Back to the WIPs

  1. Wonderful looking WIP’s.

  2. typenstitch says:

    Happy Holidays looks fantastic! I started this one last year but only have one letter outlined. I also bought a Solar System chart after seeing that you started one. Maybe I’ll start it next year.

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