Lots of Updates and Pics

i received my order from Stoney Creek yesterday so I added the following to my stash.    Image Image

Just what I need right?  I was all set to start the Lizzie Kate ABCs of Parenting when I realized that the kit doesn’t come with fabric.  I spent $32 on this kit because you can’t buy just the chart.  I mean, $32 buys me the just the chart and the thread, boo on that!  Hopefully this weekend, I can get out to the store to buy some fabric because I don’t have the right fabric in my stash.  Plan B was to start the beaded flamingo ornament instead. 

Since I have new stash to stitch, Happy Holidays will probably be pushed to the back burner again.  Here is my current progress.  We’ll see how long before I work on it again.Image

I went to a yard sale at a local housing community this weekend.  I found some frames for some of my work.  Yay!  I got 4 frames for $3.50, not bad right?  So here are two projects that I have finally completed!




5 thoughts on “Lots of Updates and Pics

  1. Hmmmm…how can they call it a kit without fabric? I must admit I’ve seen quilt kits without batting and backing. It isn’t a quilt without them. I hope you find the fabric you need.

  2. Helen Welsh says:

    That is awful to call it a kit & sell it at that price but have no fabric!!! Hope you find some at the store soon.Your two finishes look great in those frames – must’ve been just waiting for you (& a fab bargain too!)! Happy stitching!
    Helen x

  3. Ginny says:

    Great new stitchy stuff! I can’t believe you didn’t get fabric in the kit for that price. So sorry. I hope you can find something that will work. Fabulous frame find! Your 2 framings look awesome.Great stitching.

  4. Ug sorry it didn’t come with fabric. Was the thread special or something? I noticed that with the Halloween Chart how much just the charts would cost me and said forget it.
    That ornament is cute though, I have a friend who would love it!
    Yeah on getting things framed!

  5. typenstitch says:

    The Flamingo designs look so cute! Great deal on the frames! They are perfect for your finishes. I always get frames at thrift stores and yard sales.

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