A New Project!!


I finally stopped and bought some fabric to start my Lizzie Kate’s ABCs of Parenting.  I chose an 18 count oatmeal colored aida.  Besides not having fabric, this kit did not even provide a needle!  Really?  I have never used Crescent Colours floss before so maybe someone can advise me.  The color is variegated.  There is a noticeable change in the color blocks on both letters I have stitched so far.  It does not look like this in the picture, soooo what is up with this?  Otherwise, I am enjoying stitching so far.  2 Letters finished, only 24 more to go!  😀


5 thoughts on “A New Project!!

  1. Ginny says:

    That looks like a sweet piece. Whenever you use vatiegated floss, complete each X as you go. That way the color variation will be gradual with each x as you stitch. If you stitch /// and then come back \\\ then the color just gets all jumbled and you can’t tell it’s variegated. Great start on your new project 🙂

    • flmaryg says:

      Thanks again for the advice, Ginny. I didn’t realize until I stitched it. I don’t know if I will pull the stitches that I have already done. It states right in the directions that there may not be enough floss to complete the project. Ugh! I am so disapointed in this kit, but I love the pattern. Can’t wait to get out of work, so I can stitch some more!

  2. typenstitch says:

    You’ve made a great start, Mary-Grace! Lizzie*Kate has adorable designs.

  3. Wow, the design is cute but you’re right for the price I’d want a needle and fabric. I hope it turns out cute though. I’m working a project with over dyes and I have to plan my stitches or run through the back so I can make each x and then get to where the next one goes. My friend is doing a Rudolph stocking project and the nose makes the toe with red over dyed thread and she’s working it in circles to get a certain effect.

  4. fawn says:

    This was the first pattern that I ever stitched and I loved it! Hope that you have fun with it.

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