I’ve been busy…but not stitching though


It is that time of year.  I am back to work full time, the boys are back in school full time, I joined the PTO board and we have three sports teams and practices to get to.  I am super busy and did not get to stitch this weekend.  😦  I have made some progress on my Vintage Christmas, so I will take it.  Any stitch is progress, right??


6 thoughts on “I’ve been busy…but not stitching though

  1. Sue Pollock says:

    Exactly…any stitched crosses is stitching and your project looks wonderful! I love the color scheme. Hopefully life will settle a bit and you can spend a few more quality hours with the needle and floss.

  2. Jan says:

    Such a lovely stitchery. Life gets busy with work and kiddies! I hope you find more stitching time this week.

  3. Ginny says:

    Any stitch time is good stitch time. Loving the progress on your Vintage Christmas. The colors are so beautiful! My favorites!

  4. fawn says:

    Looking good! I totally get you on the busy time of year. It’s murder getting the kids to all of their activities!

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