A small finish

I visited my LNS last week and of course added to my stash.  I also went to a craft yard sale at a local library and also bought more there.  I will post pics and details of those trips a little later.

I finished one of the small patterns that I purchased at my LNS already so I am not feeling as guilty for spending all that money.  Sorry for the bad pic.  It seems I always finish at night time.  Here is Cherish the Small Things by Cherry Hill Stitchery.  I think I will frame this up and give to a friend who helps me get my one son all the places he needs to be. 


I have already started a new project.  (my turtle trot pieces are a little neglected lately but I will post an update on Monday.)  Happy Stitching!



2 thoughts on “A small finish

  1. Oh that is cute! I should work on the stash I bought in Nov to feel better about the money I spent!

  2. Ginny says:

    What a great saying. A perfect piece to give to someone special.

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