Turtle Trot-February Update

I made some progress on about 1/2 of my turtle trot projects since last month. Yay me!

I picked up my tree frogs. I am sure it is has been over a year since I worked on this one. One frog is done and another one is started.

I made a small start on Tomorrow by Imaginating

I did a little more on Winter Woods by Mill Hill

I finished the stitching on Stoney Creek’s Flamingo Christmas Ornament. I just need to do the finishing.

I also finished Charlie Brown Christmas. It is in the pile waiting to be framed.

I have also completed a small from Cherry Hill Stitchery as well as started a new Small Lizzie Kate project but I will be working in the remaining 8 projects from my turtle trot list during February. Thanks for checking up on my progress!


3 thoughts on “Turtle Trot-February Update

  1. Ginny says:

    All great stitchings. I love the frog piece and must add that one to my collection some day.

  2. CJ says:

    Great progress.


  3. Great progress. I hope you get that framed! I have a pile of stuff to be framed that’s been sitting for a while!

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