June Turtle Trot- a day late!

I worked on two of my Turtle Trot projects last month.  To be honest, I only stitched about 4 or 5 days.  Ugh!  

Here is my progress on Tribal Shamrock.  I am getting closer on this one.  Just one more petal!


Here is where I was on May 10th, about 1/2.

.  Image


I also worked on Winter Quilt by Pamela Kellogg.  I haven’t worked on this one all year.  It has a lot of color changes with 4 or five stitches at a time.  Not moving along fast enough for me.  haha



Here is where this one started at.





4 thoughts on “June Turtle Trot- a day late!

  1. CJ says:

    Great progress with your stitching. It was hard for me to stitch last month, busy with kids and school. So glad we have summer break.

  2. Sandra Daugherty says:

    I love the “Kitty and Quilt” Cross Stitch. I have been looking at doing one someday. Lovely.

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