It’s been months!

Well the spring was very busy.  I only stitched two or three times.  We are nearing the end of sports and school, so that means free time for me!

I worked a little more on Shades of Brown.  I did another leaf and some more words.

20150530_164429_resized  20150321_165736_resized

I also made a little progress on this one  You can see it right?

20150530_170243_resized   20141112_062107_resized

I also bought a couple of things from the Stoney Creek Memorial Day Sale.  You might see these started soon too!  Can you tell I love bright colors??

t1h th


2 thoughts on “It’s been months!

  1. Ginny says:

    Yes! I can see your progress! We stitch when we can, right? Love the Peace design. Those are my colors for winter. Looking forward to seeing your new starts 😉

  2. pen2needle says:

    Yes I can definitely see progress 🙂 I love the Peace colors too but then again it is blue so I am biased 😉 😀

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