It’s a new year!

I have to laugh when I see that my last post was a month ago.  I was so sure I would finish my pumpkins that weekend.  Needless to say December flew by and I didn’t finish them until last week during Winter break.  I decided not to add the pumpkins on parade words.  I also cut my fabric too small and had to trim the vines on the side.  Here it is!


I also made this freebie from Lizzie Kate. I didn’t get to make it into a card as planned but it will be ready for next year, right?


I just started on a Mill Hill Bead kit for Easter called Egg Hunt.  I like winter time as our schedules are a little less busy and  I feel like I have more time to stitch.  Here is what the completed chart will look like and my start.





One thought on “It’s a new year!

  1. Time certainly does get away from us sometimes, doesn’t it? Your pumpkins are adorable! What kind of a finish are you going to do with them? Nice start on your Easter project.

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