Finally some free time

I sat down last weekend and finished 2 items that I stitched a very long time ago.  First, I made a Halloween pillow for my niece’s birthday.  The chart is pumpkins on parade and is from carousel charts.  Carousel Charts website

Instead of using this one as a pillow sleeve, I stuffed it and made a tiny pillow.  It is a good reminder to all of us.  It is Pine Mountain Gratitude Pillow Sleeve .  I bought it from Stoney Creek here.  Pine Mountain Gratitude


I received my order from 1-2-3 stitch super fast.  One of my sons loves penguins so I ordered this cute Mill Hill kit.  I will start right after I finish (or get bored with) my latest project.


I ordered black aida to stitch this pattern I bought on Etsy.  It should be a quick stitch.  I usually start stitching dead center of a pattern.  The way this pattern printed out, half the word sweet is on one page and half on another page.  It is so annoying to flip back and forth and hopefully count correctly!  Anyone else have this pet peeve?


See ya Soon,




One thought on “Finally some free time

  1. Cute pillows! The gratitude pillow is a great reminder. Your next projects look wonderful. I love stitching large designs, but I hate having to flip pages or piece patterns together. I am always afraid I am going to miscount and mess it up. But I guess there is no way around it. Good luck with your next projects. I look forward to seeing your progress.

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