Small Finish

It only took about a week to finish this small kit from Mill Hill Beads.  I left the button off.  Now I just need to find a small frame to completely finish this one off.20190112_203841

I have gone back to Topiary Christmas by Imaginating for now.  Here is where I was last time I stitched on this in April.



New Year Finishes

I finished a couple of projects as teacher gifts.  My son called them “Dad jokes” but I think they were appreciated.  I was in a rush to frame them so I wish I ironed them a little better.  I am happy with the results.  Both patterns were purchased from Nerdy Little Stitcher on Etsy.  Nerdy Little Stitcher


I started working on a Mill Hill kit I found in my stash.  I really like working on these kits.  It is called Autumn Gold.  It is about 35 x 50 stitches.  I am hoping it is a quick stitch.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2019!