It’s Finished!

I finished Easter Egg Hunt by Mill Hill Beads.  It didn’t take me too long, considering I don’t have much time to stitch.  I absolutely love this one!  Who knows what my next project will be?  🙂



Just a quick update

Here is my progress on Easter Egg Hunt.  I am getting there.


One of the local libraries has an annual craft supply sale.  People donate unwanted craft supplies and the library keeps the profits.  I donated a lot of cross stitch books, magazines and kits that I knew I wouldn’t use.  It was a great way to pare down!  I only spent $3 on the  kits below .  I think this was successful all the way around!  Now I just have to learn how to do plastic canvas.  haha




It’s a new year!

I have to laugh when I see that my last post was a month ago.  I was so sure I would finish my pumpkins that weekend.  Needless to say December flew by and I didn’t finish them until last week during Winter break.  I decided not to add the pumpkins on parade words.  I also cut my fabric too small and had to trim the vines on the side.  Here it is!


I also made this freebie from Lizzie Kate. I didn’t get to make it into a card as planned but it will be ready for next year, right?


I just started on a Mill Hill Bead kit for Easter called Egg Hunt.  I like winter time as our schedules are a little less busy and  I feel like I have more time to stitch.  Here is what the completed chart will look like and my start.




New Project

Last week was great.  Daylight savings time meant no more outdoor sports practices for the fall.  We started some of the winter indoor sports but my schedule was slightly less busy.  So I went through my stash and started this little one.  Pumpkins on parade by Carousel.  I have the middle pumpkin finished so far.

A Finish

I finished this one in August.  I just never got around to posting it.


I have not stitched very much in the last few months due to my kids and their busy schedules.  Now that it is getting dark earlier, I may have a little more time to stitch at night.  or at least until winter sports begin!  I have started working on my Mill Hill birch tree kit again.  I think I am about halfway done.  I will try to post a pic soon.  This is where I was last time I worked on it in the spring.